Administrative Appeals & Hearing Board


The Appeals Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body created by City Council Resolution 2014-82, pursuant to Waterford Municipal Code Chapters 1.17, 8.08, 8.12, 10.54 & 15.42.  The Board provides the public with a final administrative review process for appeals relating to the administrative citation process for code enforcement violations. The Board’s objective is to provide an efficient, fair and expeditious public hearing and decision-making process before an impartial panel as a last step in the City’s review of violations of the Waterford Municipal Code relating to code enforcement cases.


The Board is comprised of 5 or 7 members appointed by majority vote of the City Council.  Each Board Member must be at least 18 years of age, be registered to vote, be a resident of the City, and be a United States citizen in good standing. Board Members serve 2-year terms with no maximum number of terms that may be served by an individual Board Member.

Board Member
Term Expires
Chris Esther Chair July 2018
Ed Cathcart Member Jul 2017
Joe Ewing, III Member July 2018
Debra Turner Member July 2018
Vacant Member July 2017