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City Manager

The City of Waterford is currently conducting a search for it’s next City Manager.

What is the role of a City Manager?

Under policy direction, the City Manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the City of Waterford, and directs the activities and operations of the Public Works, City Clerk, Police Services, Planning & Engineering, Parks & Recreation and Finance departments. He advises and assists the City Council in the conduct of City business; provides administrative oversight to recommending and implementing policies, program planning, fiscal management, administration, and provides a variety of other responsible and complex administrative support to the City Council.

The City Manager serves as the Executive Director of the Waterford Public Financing Authority, and doubles as the Finance Director. He attends and participates in professional, state/local agency, and community meetings as necessary; stays current on issues relative to public administration and relative service delivery responsibilities; responds to and resolves sensitive and complex community and organizational inquiries, issues and complaints; establishes and maintains a customer service orientation within the City organization.

Above all, the City Manager works with and is impressed with the dedication of the elected officials on the City Council, the tireless city and community non-profit volunteers, and the wonderful team of diligent city workers who defy typical government stereotypes and do so much for the community.

Professional Ethics

Tim belongs to the International City/County Management Association and their mission is to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management worldwide. To further this mission, certain principles govern the conduct of every member of ICMA, which are summarized in the Code of Ethics 12 Tenets.

View the entire ICMA Code of Ethics.