Community Development Committee


The duties and powers of the Community Development Committee are established by and enumerated in City Council Resolution 2010-62. The Committee will assist in the selection of projects and review funding requests to receive housing and economic development project loans, and assist in the development of activities, programs, projects and policies related to economic development citywide. These recommendations will be considered by the City Council for approval.


One member from city council, one member from planning commission, one member of city staff, two or four members from the public with experience in the building, business, or financial services industry. The two or four members from the public will be recommended by City staff to City Council and approved by a majority vote of the city council. The other members will be selected by their respective body for appointment.

Committee Member
Term Ends
Joshua Whitfield Chair November 2018
Becky Scroggins Member July 2018
Hamat Gehlon Member July 2017
Kurtis Clark Member July 2017
Holly Fielder Member July 2018
Gary Beck Member July 2017

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