Planning Applications and Fees




APPLICATION DESCRIPTION                                                                              FEE

Tentative Parcel Maps $500 (2)
Parcel Map Recordation $500 (2)
Tentative Map $1000 (2)
Final Map 50 lots or less $500 (2)
Final Map 51 lots or more $500 (2)
Lot Line Adjustment $500 (1)
Certificate of Compliance $350 (2)
Map Extension Request $350 (1)
Lot Merger $350 (2)
Pre-Application Meeting $120 (1)
Other $150 (2)
Zoning Permits:
Administrative Use Permit $150 (2)
Arch./Site Plan Review-small project(3) $400 (1)
Arch./Site Plan Review-large project(4) $400 (2)
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) $500 (2)
Development Agreement $1,000 (2)
Home Occupation Permit $100 (1)
Home Occupation Renewal Permit $100 (1)
Misc. Com. (Rebuild Ltr, Zoning Ltr. Etc) $120 (1)
Re-zone $1,000 (2)
Pre-zone $1,000 (2)
Sign Permit-Free Standing $250 (2)
Sign Permit-Wall Mounted $100 (2)
Temporary Use of Land Permit $200 (2)
Variance $300 (2)
Other $150 (2)
Other $150 (2)
Environmental Review:
Initial Study $500 (2)
Environmental Impact Report $3,000 (2)
Mitigation Monitoring Program $500 (2)
Notice of Exemption $100 (2)
Notice of Determination $100 (2)
Other $150 (2)
Williamson Act Contract Admin.:
Contract $200 (2)
Cancellation $100 (2)
Non-Renewal $1,000 (2)
Annual Review $0
Other $150 (2)
Annexation $1,000 (2)
Appeal $150 (1)
Pre-annexation Meeting $120 (1)
General Plan Amendment $1,000 (2)
Encroachment Permit $150 (1)
Specific Plan/Community Plan $1,000 (2)
Other $150 (2)

Fee Notes:

  1. Flat fee, no additional costs.
  2. Preliminary Fee Deposit; does not include contract/consultant service costs and indirect costs. See Item “C” under Procedures.
  3. Small Projects-No off-site construction improvements.
  4. Off-site improvements required.


  1. Preliminary Fee Deposit. Upon submittal of an application the Application Fee, and “direct staff time fee deposit” in the amount to be determined by staff, shall be paid. No application will be accepted by City staff without payment of this “Preliminary Fee Deposit”.
  2. Multiple Applications-Preliminary Fee Deposit. When an application has two or more permits or entitlements (i.e. CUP, Architectural Review & Sign Permit) the fee shall be 100% of the highest fee and 50% of each additional permit fee to be deposited at the time permit submittal as the “Preliminary Fee Deposit”.
  3. Application Processing Fee. Upon submittal of the application, and payment of the Preliminary Fee Deposit, staff will prepare a complete an “estimate” of application processing costs. The estimate will include all estimated “direct” staff and consultant costs and indirect City costs.
  4. Environmental Review and Fish and Game Fees. There shall be a fee charged for compliance with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), as described above. Additionally, the applicant will be assessed the estimated costs of filing all CEQA documents with the County Clerk and/or state and payment of applicable California Department Fish and Game Fees. These fees, all other fees, due the City, shall be paid in full before any City action will be deemed final and documents formalizing approvals are recorded and filed.
  5. Refund of Fees. Upon formal written withdrawal of an application, the applicant may request a refund of the un-used portion of the fee deposit for the project.