Animal Control Service

City of Waterford contracts with the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency for all animal services.  It is their mission to strive for community compliance of State and local laws. The care of stray and unwanted animals and the eradication of rabies from the community’s animal population are critical to successful operation.


Stanislaus Animal Services will host a low-cost rabies vaccination and registration clinics at the Thomas Mayfield Regional Animal Services Facility located at 3647 Cornucopia Way
Modesto, CA 95358.  For exact times or more information please call (209)558-7387.

  • Rabies vaccinations will not be given w/o the purchase of a license
  • Clinics are for Stanislaus County Residents only
  • All dogs on leashes
  • Cats in carriers
  • Maximum 4 animals per person/owner
  • Animal owner must be present  (over 18) with valid CA ID


Vaccinating and licensing your pet is the first step toward being a responsible pet owner and important to your pets overall health and safety. Each license tag has a unique number assigned to your animal alone. If a licensed animal is lost or taken to a shelter, Stanislaus Animal Services Agency can identify the owner by the tag number and contact the registered animal owner. Animals with licensing information are held in the shelter while the owners are contacted. Failure to license or renew your pet’s license could result in a $251 citation.

California State Law and Stanislaus County Code Title 7 require every person who owns, possesses, harbors or controls any dog shall obtain a license before the dog reaches the age of five months.

Within thirty days after any unlicensed dog over the age of four months is acquired or brought into the county, its owner shall obtain a license. The owner shall provide a dog with a suitable collar or other device to which the license tag shall be attached. If the dog is licensed in another county, the license must be transferred to a Stanislaus County license within 30 days. They will honor up to one year of the presently valid license.

To find out about fees and how to pay online either call the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency at the below phone number or go online at .


Fill out a lost report as completely as possible at ALL shelters near you.  Most shelters ask that you file a lost report in person to insure that you have the opportunity to look for your pet and also look through the shelter “Found Book” and DOA and Injury reports.

Lost reports stay on file for at least 30 days. If you are disabled, ill or have extenuating circumstances which prevent you from coming to the shelter in person, some shelters will assist you by having a staff member look through the files for you.
Make Lost Posters and Post in Areas Where You Think Your Pet Was Lost.

If possible, include a photograph or reproduction of a photograph of your pet on the posters. Posters or pictures may be posted at the shelter with your completed lost report.
Contact Veterinarians in your area to see if someone has brought in an injured or unidentified animal.

A list of local veterinarians is available in the yellow pages of your phone book.
Place an ad in the “Lost” section of your local newspaper, and check the “Found” section daily.

Go door to door in the neighborhood where your pet was lost to see if anyone has seen your pet.

Show a picture of your pet and ask others to keep an eye out for your pet.


Animals wearing identification are held for at least seven days, Animals not wearing identification are held for only 4 days and then are placed up for adoption or euthanized.

Don’t give up. Pets are sometimes reunited with their owners several weeks after they are lost.

Shelters receive animals other than dogs and cats, if you have lost ANY animal please check your local shelter and file a lost report.


  • Stanislaus Animal Services Agency (209) 558-7387
  • SPCA of Stanislaus (209) 575-2918
  • Turlock Animal Control (209) 668-5530
  • Oakdale Animal Control (209) 847-5625

State Law requires persons finding a lost pet call their local animal shelter and report that they have found an animal and leave their address or phone number as well as a description of the animal.

Stanislaus Animal Services Agency
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Modesto CA 95358

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