Basic Services

As concerns surrounding access to affordable, healthy food in California’s low-income communities are increasing, California’s food banks are changing to meet these challenges.

A food bank is generally defined as a charitable organization that solicits and warehouses donated food and other products.  This food is then distributed to a variety of community agencies which serve people in need.  In this way, a food bank fills the function of obtaining, storing, and transporting food in a coordinated way that serves an entire community or large geographic area.  Many food banks provide food to hundreds of organizations in their community, who would likely not be able to obtain a steady supply of food in other ways, nor would they have the space or equipment to store enough food to meet the needs of the people they serve.  While many food banks may also operate programs that distribute food directly to individuals, the primary purpose of a food bank is to help ensure an adequate flow of food through other community-based organizations.

Attached you will find the following Food Bank Organizations within the Waterford Community.