Bill Payment Assistance

In this economy more and more people and families are having difficulties making ends meet. The worse off are very close to poverty and need desperately to find some help. Many of these struggling families are unaware of all the sources of potential additional income available to them.

Below you’ll find several programs that are available to you:

Appointments Phone (209) 537-9217

If you are facing the disconnection of your heating or utility service, this program provides a one time cash grant payment per year to low-income customers that have received a 48-Hour Shut Off or Disconnection Notice. Additional aid is provided to a senior citizen or a disabled person if they have received a 15-Day Shut Off Notice. In addition, this assistance program also provides help to customers in obtaining heating oil, propane and firewood for heating or repair or replacement of heating sources, such as repairs to their furnace.   Eligibility for ECIP is a 48-Hour or 15 Day Shut Off Notice from the Utility Company needs to have been received by the client prior to application.

Phone (209) 357-0063

This program will provide financial help to eligible households who need help paying bills. The help will offset the costs of heating and/or cooling dwellings, and help offset those higher heating and electric bills.

Phone (209) 557-2000

The Stanislaus County Housing Authority provides low income families with help paying rent as well as safe and sanitary housing. They also manage a Minor Home Repair Program.

Phone (209) 525-8954

Families can always turn to The Salvation Army for help. The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services addresses basic human needs, providing a “safety net” for those who need help paying bills and have nowhere else to turn to. They will provide clothing, food, utility bill assistance and also counseling. Case workers at the Family Emergency Services help prevent homelessness through crisis intervention.