Staff Directory

Michael G. Pitcock, City Manager
209-874-2328 Ext. 103

Peni Basalusalu, Public Works Director
209-874-2328 Ext. 130

Miranda Lutzow, Administrative Services Director/City Clerk
209-874-2328 Ext. 109

Tina Envia, Finance Manager
(Budget, Auditing, Financial Reporting)
209-874-2328 Ext. 104

Karen Morgan, Water/Wastewater Supervisor
(Water and Wastewater Operations)
209-874-2328 Ext. 111

Lonnie Statzer, Public Works Supervisor
(Parks and Facilities Maintenance)
209-874-2328 Ext. 131

Patricia Krause, Administrative Analyst/Deputy City Clerk
(Payroll, Utility Billing, Planning,Finance)
209-874-2328 Ext. 101

Marissa Martinez, Accounting Technician II
(Accounts Payable, Business Licenses, Building Permits)
209-874-2328 Ext. 113

Desiree Morris, Accounting Technician I
(Bill Payments, General Information)
209-874-2328 Ext. 100

Alysia Gomez, Code Enforcement Officer
(Enforcement of Local/Municipal Laws)
209-874-2328 Ext. 102

Bruce Stewart, Building Inspector
209-874-2328 Ext. 110

Rob Marler, City Engineer
MCR Engineering

David Niskanen, City Planner
JB Anderson Land Use and Planning