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A water rate study was completed by Hansford Economic Consulting. The objectives of the rate study included development of a strategy for meeting the utility’s ongoing financial obligations for the five year planning period (FY 2016-17 through FY 2021-22) and assessment of changes to the rate structure in keeping with the City’s goals to encourage water conservation and system sustainability. The anticipated project costs exceed $14 million in future dollars over the next ten years.

The reason for the proposed water rate increase is to collect revenues sufficient to cover increased expenses as a result of:
• Operation and maintenance expenses (O&M), (e.g., well rehabilitation, well replacements, treatment of well water) required to provide continued safe service to City customers;
• Capital projects required to comply with State Water Resources Control Board’s regulations; and
• Capital projects to replace older facilities that have reached the end of their useful lives and need replacement to ensure the continued safe service to City customers; and
• City personnel, in order to have experienced, trained professionals operate the existing potable water supply and distribution system as efficiently as possible.

As adopted by the City Council on November 17, 2016, the water rate charges will be implemented over the next five (5) years with the bill amount depending on the meter size for the service charge and on consumption for the use charge. All rates are effective December 1, 2016 and reflected on the January 2017 bill going forward. Rates will then increase every July 1 starting in 2017 through 2021 by varying percentages for all meter sizes.
2016 Water Rate Study

Water Rate Study Presentation

Waterford Water Master Plan


City of Waterford Watering Schedule, for Waterford and Hickman.
*The schedule from 2015 is still in effect.

Watering Schedule City of Waterford CURRENT



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