In the City of Waterford, a Business License is required of all home and commercial business owners who are doing business within the City limits .

A business license is necessary to insure the consumer that only legitimate businesses are operating and selling goods in Waterford.  As a business owner, you must obtain a business license whenever you:

  • Establish or change location
  • Become or change owners, or
  • Change the names of your business

The license is only valid for the person and place to which it is issued. All businesses conducting business in the City need a business license, even temporary businesses. Contractors, retailers, and service providers all need a business license.

Businesses with permanent locations in the Waterford city limits must meet Zoning, Health and Fire regulations.

Contact the Zoning Department at 209-874-2328

Stanislaus County Fire Prevention Bureau at 209-552-3602

Environmental Health 209-525-6700