Parks & Recreation Commission


The duties and powers of the Parks and Recreation Commission are established by Waterford Municipal Code Chapter 2.28. The Commission makes recommendations to and advises the city council in matters pertaining to the creation, operation, maintenance, management and control of community recreation programs, the community center, and use of the city’s parks.


The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council. Commission members shall not be elected officials, appointed officials, or employees of the City. Commission members serve two-year terms beginning on July 1st of the year of their appointment.

Commission Member
Term Expires
Joe Ewing Chair July 2018
Jeremiah Irizarry Member July 2017
Claire Warthan Member July 2018
Scott Shore Member July 2018
Steven Cano Member July 2017
Alexandra Sibrian Alternate Member N/A