Planning Commission


The Planning Commission was established pursuant to Waterford Municipal Code 2.24. Duties of the Planning Commission include advising and recommending to City Council: a comprehensive long-term general plan, master plans and drafts of regulations, programs and legislation needed in execution of the master plan for adoption, advise on city subdivision regulations, investigate and recommend plans for improvement and beautification of the City, such as the opening, straightening, widening and closing of public streets or parking and the location  or improvement of public buildings.


The Planning Commission shall have five voting members, who shall be citizens of the City. Members shall be appointed by a majority vote of the City Council.  Members shall serve two-year terms.

Commission Member
Term Expires
Chris Esther Chair July 2018
Elizabeth Talbott Commissioner July 2019
Joe Ewing, III Commissioner July 2018
Debra Turner Commissioner July 2018
Jamie Hilton Commissioner July 2019
 J.D. Romero  Alt. Commissioner